Hair styling powders are little pots of pure texture and volume! When applied directly to the roots, they add texture and grit which gives lift and height to fine, thin hair. Some formulas are also designed to cover balding spots.

One of the huge benefits of using hair powders for styling is that it enables the user to create hairstyles that their hair would normally be too fine or ‘slippery’ for, including festival braids and chic chignons.

Hair powders for styling that are made of 100% natural keratin will always give the most natural-looking volume to thin hair. Because they are made from the same protein that our hair is made of, they work harmoniously with the hair, creating seamless, invisible height. Not only that, but the natural ingredient won’t cause irritation or redness like other man-made chemicals might.

The other benefit of using a keratin hair powder is that they can conceal any thinning spots or baldness. Because they come in an assortment of shades, keratin styling powders provide undetectable coverage, as well as instant, natural-looking volume.

How to use hair powder for styling

Using a hair styling powder is relatively simple. The most important thing to remember is less is more. It’s best to start with less and work your way to the volume you want, as applying way too much can be messy! Just follow these simple steps for hassle-free thickness:

  • Apply a small amount to the roots of dry hair, focusing on where you want extra height.
  • If you are wanting to conceal thin spots, add a little to these areas. This could be along the parting, at the crown, or even around the hairline.
  • Gently blend in the powder with your fingers, working it in until it becomes seamless.
  • Add more if necessary, but remember, less is more.
  • Style as desired and you’re good to go!

The best hair powders for styling will last all day, and are easily washed out with shampoo.

How to use Nanogen

Hair powder for styling: Tips and tricks

To the uninitiated, using hair powder for styling may seem relatively straightforward. But there are quite a few tips and tricks to get the best results.

  • Once applied, use your fingers to drag the powder throughout the length of your hair to give amazing volume from root to tip.
  • Use a coloured keratin powder to fill in gaps and sparseness along the hairline. This will help it look more even and instantly thicker, particularly when wearing a ponytail or updo.
  • Coloured hair powder can also be used to conceal hair extension clips with ease! Simply sprinkle over the clip and conceal the most visible areas. This allows you to wear your hair in lots of different styles without worrying about your extensions showing.

Pros and cons of using a hair powder for styling

There are some incredible benefits of using hair powder for styling, but as with every styling product, there are some cons. Find out our list of pros and cons below and see how they stack up!


  • They provide amazing volume and thickness, even for thinning and fine hair textures.
  • The volume lasts all day without having to touch up.
  • They’re not aerosols which can be harmful to our lungs and the environment.
  • Most powders come in handy sizes for on the go travel.
  • Unlike some other formulas, it doesn’t weigh hair down.


    • For first-time users, they can be tricky to apply. Remember, practice makes perfect.
    • It’s easy to use too much. Start off with a little product and build up if you need more.
    • Some powders don’t blend in well with hair. Make sure you find one that looks seamless without leaving sticky residue.

If you’re struggling with thin, fine hair, be sure to check out our How To Make Your Hair Thicker article for all the best tips and advice.

Nanogen hártrefjar

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Nanogen Fibre Spray 100ml

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