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Cu2 ehf sérhæfir sig sem dreifingaraðili á
íslenskum markaði fyrir erlend framleiðslufyrirtæki

533 6333

Cu2 sérhæfir sig sem dreifingaraðilar á íslenskum
markaði fyrir erlend framleiðslufyrirtæki.


Our website contains information about Cu2, our product range, suppliers, retailers and much more. Feel welcome to contact us regarding any questions or feedback at cu2@cu2.is or on the "hafa samband" site.

About us

Cu2 Ltd. specializes as a sales & distributing agent for global suppliers in the Icelandic market. We also manage marketing activities and regulatory affairs for the companies we represent. Our core objectives are to grow retail distribution, create brand awareness, drive trial and build brand loyalty. We thus provide tailored brand development and distributor service, maximising consumer availability for your brand.

All of our suppliers have a few things in common - they produce exceptional quality products as well as being leaders in their respective markets, or have a great potential to become one.

Cu2 Ltd. works closely with Senior buyers from Icelands leading retail groups. Our strong relationships enable innovative brand development to grow your business.

Our distribution network reaches across the country and we have presence in all Iceland’s leading retail outlets.

We pride ourselves in our employees and clients, as our human capital is the heart of our company values and company culture. Our mission is to form partnerships with our clients and exceed their expectations, to deliver exceptional value and to be innovative in planning the future of your brand.

History of Cu2

The electrical firm Harald & Sigurdur Ltd. was established in 1986, and in the year 2001 a new direction was taken in the business when a small import firm, selling wet wipes and cosmetics to a few pharmacies, was bought. In September 2003 two competitors within the pharmaceutical market were incorporated.

On October 1st 2003, Cu2 Ltd. was established to separate the activity in the field of pharmacies and retail chains, from the electrical department of Harald & Sigurdur Ltd. Cu2 has since been a fully owned subsidiary of Harald & Sigurdur Ltd.

Company: Cu2 Ltd. Address: Stangarhyl 6, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland Tel: +354 533 6333 Fax: +354 533 6335 Email: cu2@cu2.is

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